Support for the homeless

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Support for the homeless by Mind Map: Support for the homeless

1. Emergency Accomodation

1.1. The Living Room

1.2. GYbeeandbee

2. Washing Facilities

2.1. Showers

2.1.1. Salvation Army

2.1.2. Kingsgate

2.1.3. Soul Church portable shower block (under discussion and investigation)

2.1.4. Gorleston Baptist Church - discussion needed about availability for the homeless

2.2. Clothes washing and drying

2.2.1. Salvation Army

2.2.2. Kingsgate

3. Food (see food for people in crisis sheet for more information)

3.1. The Bridge

3.2. The Well

3.3. Pathway

3.4. Herbies

3.5. Foodbank

4. Support accessing services and finding accomodation

4.1. The Living Room

5. Mental Health and life skills

5.1. Counselling sessions at The Well

5.2. Life skills / moving forwards sessions under development

6. Practical support moving into accomodation

6.1. The Living Room

6.2. Furniture bank under development

7. Emotional and mentoring support moving into accommodation

7.1. The Living Room (short-term)

7.2. Life skills / moving forwards sessions under development

8. Postal Address

8.1. ? Salvation Army