Antibiotic Resistance (Amoxicillin)

Antibiotic resistance RiNA

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Antibiotic Resistance (Amoxicillin) by Mind Map: Antibiotic Resistance (Amoxicillin)

1. Doctors

1.1. They are diagnosing patients and prescribing the anibiotics

1.2. They know that the threat of antibiotic resistant-bacteria exist, and want to prescribe fewer antibiotics.

2. Consumers

2.1. They are buying/using the antibiotics

2.2. Drugs are expensive to buy, and by not completing the course prescribed, they are breeding antibiotic resistant-bacteria.

2.3. They are more likely to leave positive reviews if they are prescribed antibiotics

3. Pharmaceutical Companies

3.1. They are creating and selling the antibiotics

3.2. They want doctors to prescribe more antibiotics to make money. They are concerned with the short-term capital gain, rather than the long-term capital gain.

4. Scientists

4.1. They are researching and studying antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

4.2. They are looking into how resistance occurs, and how to overcome bacterial infections without the use of antibiotics

5. Government

5.1. They want to stop outbreaks of bacterial infectons

5.2. Using research from scientists, they are creating ads and posters to spread awareness in doctors'offices