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Sin+Reconciliation by Mind Map: Sin+Reconciliation

1. Grace

1.1. Our participation in the life of God that brings us closer to Him and his love

1.1.1. Gift of The Holy Spirit Helps is live out our vocation The Process which we discover which life path we will take and God is calling us to Helps us to live with God in the Holy Trinity

1.2. Grace gives us the capacity to participate in moral life

1.2.1. A life of constant awareness and learning of life and its lessons

1.3. Moves us away from sin

1.4. Unites and Prepares us for Jesus' Resurrection

1.4.1. Prepares us for his 2nd coming and our eternal life

1.5. Grace is a free and pure gift

1.5.1. Not Deserved Nothing we do can allow us to earn it

1.6. Types Of Grace

1.6.1. Sanctifying Grace/Habitual Grace A share in God’s life; a gift from God that enables the soul to live with him and respond to his friendship Type of grace you always have/is always their

1.6.2. Actual Grace The help God gives us for a particular need to help us conform our lives to his will Strength given us to us in a time of need

1.6.3. Special Gifts of Grace are also given to certain people and are also given to people in different states of grace (Marriage, priesthood)

2. Sin

2.1. Types Sins are based on

2.1.1. Objects involved

2.1.2. Virtues they oppose

2.1.3. Commandments violated

2.1.4. Spirit or body Actions, Words, Thoughts

2.1.5. The affect they have on Man and God

2.2. Original Sin Vs Personal Sin

2.2.1. Personal Sin-Sin we freely commit When we deliberately turn away from God’s law with action thought word Can weaken relationship with God (Venial) or Kill it (Mortal) Venial Sins=Minor Sins Mortal Sins

2.2.2. Original Sin Sin we are born with Caused by the first in done by Adam adn Eve We are forgiven of it in baptism

2.3. Sins are Actions, Words, and That we perform that turn s away from God

2.4. 7 Deadly Sins

2.4.1. Bad habits/vices that can lead to sinful actions Wrath/Anger Pride Lust Gluttony Greed/Avarice Sloth Envy

2.5. Social sin

2.5.1. Sinful structures resulting from personal sin and leading to social conditions and institutions that do not embody God’s law of love

2.5.2. A cycle of sin, violence, and injustice caused by individual sin that lead to collective sin

3. Shame

3.1. Believing you've done something wrong or that you are wrong

3.1.1. Not to be confused with guilt which is knowing you've done something is wrong. Guilt is healthy Shame may not be/is not healthy

3.2. Related to hardness of heart

3.2.1. “To shell our heart”

3.2.2. A heart of flesh can be touched but wounded but only with a new heart can we embrace others and allow other to embrace us.

3.2.3. A heart of flesh can be hurt but at the same time can also experience the greatest happiness

3.2.4. “To shell our heart” is to place a wall around our heart to keep sadness and negativity away but at the same time keep away happiness and positivity

3.2.5. A heart of stone is harder to hurt as we do this to shut out these hurts but at the same time lacks the ability to experience great ha

3.3. Missing the Mark

3.3.1. The ‘mark’ we aim for is God and he joy of life with him in his family.

3.3.2. We ‘miss the mark’ when we settle for behaviour that doesn’t reflect love for God, ourselves, and others.

4. Forgiveness

4.1. Christ will forgive the sins of any repentant sinner.

4.1.1. God's Mercy on the sinner =V Very important part of Christ's ministry There is great rejoicing in heaven over sinners who repent.

4.2. The sacrament of reconciliation is a sacrament of healing.

5. Reconciliation

5.1. The Forgiveness of sins confessed to God through Christ's torch that has been passed on through generations to the priests who forgive our sins in his place

5.1.1. The Apostles and Priests are not Christ or God so the only sins they can forgive are the ones we confess to Confession if a multi-stepped process which is Examine your conscience Have contrition for your sins (feeling guilty) Confess your sins Absolution Do the penance assigned