ImagineSchoolsNYC Mind Map.

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ImagineSchoolsNYC by Mind Map: ImagineSchoolsNYC

1. Discover (Summer/Fall 2019))

1.1. Students in the 21st Century

1.1.1. Design Team

1.1.2. Investigations What is going on in the community? What does the community need (Community Conversations) Engage local community: businesses, faith-based organizations, electeds (the Influencers and the Validators) Student Agency and Voice: What do students think they need? How do young people learn and grow?) Visiting promising schools

1.2. Youth Experience & Aspirations

1.3. The Science of Adolescent Learning

2. Design (Fall/Winter 2019)

2.1. School Mission & Cluture

2.1.1. Creation of school mission and vision for the 21st Century

2.2. Teaching & Learning

2.2.1. Recruitment of Staff

2.2.2. Curriculum (Scope and Sequence and Units of Study)

2.3. Student Agency & Engagement

2.3.1. Plan to engage students and include their voice

2.3.2. How do teachers interact with students?

2.3.3. How do students interact with families?

2.3.4. Governance: What is your model for distributed leadership?

2.4. Networks & Partnerships

2.4.1. Musuems

2.4.2. Cultural Institutions

2.4.3. Organizations that go beyond the four walls of classrooms

2.4.4. Intermediaries

3. Develop (Winter/Spring/Summer 2020)

3.1. Talent & Training

3.1.1. Teacher Lattice and Professional Learning Plan

3.1.2. Onboarding Staff Process

3.1.3. Onboarding of students and families

3.2. Performance Management & Evaluation

3.2.1. Data What will we use? How will we use it?

3.3. Time, Space & Technology

3.3.1. Transdisciplinary curriculum

3.3.2. What does the future classroom look like? Use of Space Tech Personalized Learning

3.4. Financial Model & Sustainability

3.4.1. Budgeting Implications

3.5. Governance

3.5.1. Governance: What is your model for distributed leadership?

3.6. Putting Ideas Into Action

3.6.1. Protopying our ideas

4. Deliver 2020+

4.1. What does it look like on the ground?