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Sydney, Australia by Mind Map: Sydney, Australia

1. Economy

1.1. Sydney has the largest economy is Australia

1.2. Of the 57 authorized deposit-taking banks with operations in Australia, 44 are based in Sydney

2. Climate

2.1. Sydney's climate is very humid. The coldest it gets is in the winter and it is only a little cool

3. Resources

3.1. World's largest exporter of coal

3.2. One of the top producers of iron ore, nickle, gold, uranium, diamonds and zinc

3.3. World's largest producer of opal

4. Safety

4.1. The crime rate in Sydney, Australia is 41%

4.2. Strands of crime rate usually rate from low to moderate

5. Job Opportunities

5.1. Getting a job in Sydney is easy provided you have experience

5.2. Unlike many places, the job market is decently big