Local Business in San Tan Valley (STV)

Carroll Week 1 Practice Mind Map

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Local Business in San Tan Valley (STV) by Mind Map: Local Business in San Tan Valley (STV)

1. San Tan Valley borders the rapidly expanding Town of Queen Creek and many STV residents drive to there for work.

1.1. Queen Creek is virtually exploding. After becoming municipality close to 10 years ago big business has invested heavily into the growing town.

1.2. Queen Creek is developing just as the other major areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area did and the same will happen with San Tan Valley.

2. Much of rural STV is Homes and Farmlands, there are only a few scattered strip malls.

2.1. The 2010 U.S. Census counted the population of San Tan valley to be just shy of 90,000 people.

2.2. several Housing developments with over six thousand each homes are being built in and around town.

3. Most small business' in town are service based such as Home Repair, Landscaping and other blue collar work.

3.1. Many of the restaurants, cafes and dinners in town are national or state chains with only a handful of locally owned eatery.

3.2. There are not many "Big box office stores" and there is yet to be a gas station on every corner. Overall San Tan Valley has small town characteristics.