Wadnee POC


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Wadnee POC by Mind Map: Wadnee POC

1. On Demand

1.1. Users

1.1.1. Family Add Members Allocate credit for family members Set Geo fencing for dependents Dashboard: Expense, Trip analysis Live monitoring of trip - family members; tracking from driver app Notifications to Head of Family

1.1.2. Individuals Loyalty Program Points based on KM or Spend Redeem points Loyalty Membership (Silver/Gold/Platinum)

1.2. Corporate

1.2.1. Add employees

1.2.2. Fare management

1.2.3. Make bookings

1.2.4. Payment management Invoice generation Settlement offline

1.2.5. Trip management

1.2.6. Vehicle Assignment

1.3. Trip

1.3.1. Booking Book a trip - Self & Family Cancel Ride Change destination during trip Multiple drop points Passenger & Driver location Payment Schedule Pick up - passenger Schedule Reccuring - passenger View ride details Web based Driver Choice Wadnee SHE Preferred Drivers Vehicle Category Differently Abled friendly EVs Others Preferred model for Corporates Corporate - Web based Employee MobileApp Dashboard Analytics Passenger info, pickup and drop points Vehicle models for Corporates Payment by passenger or company Preferred drivers Passenger payment by Cash or Card Future booking Preferred Driver Scheduled days Reservation from any other country with credit card Dispatcher Reoccuring

1.3.2. Driver Rating

1.3.3. Location of Passenger & Driver

1.3.4. Loyalty points

1.3.5. Maps Google Alternatives

1.3.6. Multiple Drop points

1.3.7. OTP Confirmation

2. Drivers

2.1. Dry run KM tracking via reports

2.2. Payouts - Reports

2.3. Settlement offline

2.4. Aggregator management

3. Limousine

3.1. Airport Transfers

3.2. Quotation generation

3.3. Hourly/Daily/Monthly

3.4. Pickup date and time

4. Rental

4.1. Additional discount for Family user

4.2. Feedback

4.3. Renew rentals

4.4. Rental packages by model

4.4.1. Hourly

4.4.2. Daily

4.4.3. Monthly

4.5. Usage analytics

4.6. Vehicle availability & management

4.7. Web based booking for corporates

4.8. Drop location; additional charge can be set

4.9. Promo codes for discounts

4.10. Pickup location

5. Fare Management

5.1. Rentals

5.2. On demand

5.3. Surge charge based on peak hours

5.3.1. Dynamic pricing based on demand

5.4. Corporate: set Price by customer

5.5. Inter zone fares

5.6. Accessories

6. Vehicle Management

7. Dispatcher

7.1. Heat map based on real-time Demand

8. Campaign Management

8.1. SMS / Email / Push

9. Phase -1 Deliverable

10. Phase - 2 Deliverable

11. Phase - 3 Deliverable