Translation Methods

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Translation Methods by Mind Map: Translation Methods

1. Word-for-word translation

1.1. SL word order is preserved.

1.2. Words are translated singly by the most common meanings, out of context.

1.3. Cultural words are translated literally.

2. Literal translation

2.1. SL grammar structures are converted to the nearest equivalent in the TL.

2.2. Words are translated singly and out of context.

3. Faithful translation

3.1. Reproduce the precise contextual meaning of the ST within the constraints of the TL grammatical structures.

3.2. Words are translated in context but uncompromising to TL.

3.3. Transfer cultural words; does not naturalize.

4. Semantic translation

4.1. More flexible than faithful translation.

4.2. Naturalize in order to achieve aesthetic effect.

4.3. Great focus on aesthetic features of ST.

5. Communicative translation

5.1. Freer than semantic translation

5.2. Prioritize the effectiveness of the message to be communicated

5.3. Both content and the language are readily acceptable and comprehensible to the reader.

6. Idiomatic translation

6.1. Reproduce the message of the original

6.2. Prefer colloquialisms and idioms which do not exist in the original.

7. Free translation

7.1. Reproduce the matter without the manner, the content without the form of the original

7.2. Paraphrases much larger than the original

7.3. Often prolix and pretentious

8. Adaptation

8.1. The freest form of translation

8.2. Preserves the theme, plots, characters only

8.3. The SL culture is converted to the TL culture.