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Brain by Mind Map: Brain

1. Whole Brain Theory

1.1. Split - Brain Theory

1.2. Triune Brain Theory

1.3. Brain DominanceTheory

1.4. Ned Hermann

1.4.1. Father of Brain Dominance Technology

2. Mental Health and Well - Being

2.1. Mental Health

2.2. Life Task

2.2.1. Essence

2.2.2. Work and Leisure

2.2.3. Friendship

2.2.4. Love

2.2.5. Self - Direction

2.3. Wheel of Wellness

3. Coping with Stress

3.1. Healthy Stress

3.1.1. External Stressor

3.1.2. Internal Stressor

3.1.3. Possible Stressors

3.1.4. Coping Conduct Creative Imagery Seek Group Support Eat Seek Spiritual Growth Have Worthwhile Hobby Watch Movie

4. Emotional Intelligence

4.1. Neurological Basis of Emotion

4.1.1. Instinct

4.1.2. Phenomenon

4.1.3. Domains of Emotional Intelligence Knowing One's Emotions Managing Emotions Active Exercise Motivating Oneself Hope Recognizing Emotions in Others Empathy Attunement Handling Relationship Components of Social Intelligence