Jaw Drop Process

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Jaw Drop Process by Mind Map: Jaw Drop Process

1. Define Focus Keywords (JACK)

1.1. Research Problem Areas & Keywords in KW finder (ANJ)

1.2. Provide Menu Structure to Daniel (ANJ)

1.2.1. Setup hosting (VINCENT)

1.2.2. Setup Wordpress & JDM Wordpress theme (DANIEL)

1.2.3. Setup MENU per Anj (DANIEL) Create forms, thank you pages (DANIEL) Create Google Analytics, Google Goals & Cyfe Widgets (DANIEL)

1.3. Order / Write Content (ANJ)

1.3.1. Add content into wordpress & optimize for SEO (ANJ)

1.4. Create theme, branding, fine-tuning (MELISSA)

1.5. Create monthly Snapshot from Cyfe & SEM Rush Emailed Report (ALLIE)

1.6. Create social posts & blogs when applicable (ANJ)

1.7. Create Google Adwords when applicable (VINCENT)