Character story BG

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Character story BG by Mind Map: Character story BG

1. Main Charactor

1.1. Bon Bon: dog, Pomeranian

1.1.1. Personality 7 years old boy Same as Nobita usually foolish, uncoordinated, lazy, dimwitted, weak, frail, childish and bad at sports. kind-hearted, emotional, honest, occasionally hard-working Not same as Nobita pure, ignorance Good at dancing transform transform

1.1.2. Family 大家族 Grand-pa, Grand-ma Mother Father Elder Brother younger brother

1.1.3. Extra-ordinery Transform to Ex.1, Transform like Gundam Ex.2, Transform like Iron Man transform something strange tools like doraemon Special ability ESP Magic Small problem in the life

1.2. Nana: Cat, Calio cat

1.2.1. Personality

1.2.2. Family 核家族 Mother Father Younger sister living in condominium

1.2.3. Extra-ordinery Special ability Magic Transform to Magical girl like Pre-cure

2. Sub Character: Friends

3. Enemy or Competitors

3.1. 自分の中の悪い部分弱い部分が具現化したもの。

3.1.1. 日常の中にどこにでもいる。

3.2. 対峙しやっつけることは、克服を意味する。

4. Each character has different ability.