the American paradox

mindmap on the American paradox

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the American paradox by Mind Map: the American paradox

1. Possible drift

1.1. Racism

1.1.1. Racism Is Real • BRAVE NEW FILMS

1.2. Shootings

1.2.1. Mass Shootings in 2019 | Gun Violence Archive

1.3. Dictatorship of money

1.4. Injustice

1.5. Obesity


1.5.2. Food marketing : the main cause of obesity Exposing teenagers to the truth of ’emotional’ fast food marketing changes their habits, study finds

1.6. Sexual abuse

1.6.1. Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

2. social ideology

2.1. Americans really love Old Glory

2.1.1. Why Americans Are So Crazy About the Flag

2.2. They also love God

2.2.1. 80% of Americans Believe in God. Pew Found Out What They Mean.

2.3. A puritan country

2.3.1. Opinion | Are Americans Still Puritan?

2.4. A country that encourages innovation

2.5. Country of freedoms

3. Laws and practice in opposition

3.1. The death penalty

3.2. Protectionism

3.2.1. The country that imposes the most restrictions on trade might surprise you

3.3. The carrying of arms is a consequence of globalization in the United States

3.3.1. The right to bear arms: Understanding America's relationship with guns

3.4. Social inequality

3.4.1. Mapping poverty in America | The Economist

3.5. Mass surveillance of citizens

3.6. Industrial lobby

3.7. Legalization of homosexual marriage

3.7.1. Gay marriage legalised across US

4. Word clouds


5. Critics

5.1. Stereotypes about Americans

5.1.1. I've been to 25 countries, and these are the 7 worst stereotypes I've heard about Americans

5.2. The American image

5.2.1. What Makes America Different?

6. Problems

6.1. Quizlet

6.1.1. English PTU Flashcards | Quizlet

6.2. Glogster