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Verticals by Mind Map: Verticals

1. Maximum capacity of people

1.1. Maximum capacity sign not present

2. Lighting

2.1. All rooms well-lit

2.2. No safety lighting above main exit

2.3. No safety lighting on emergency path

3. Exits

3.1. 1 exit has access to main road

3.2. Exits are not obstructed

3.3. Main exit is wide & tall enough

3.4. Exit doors open fluently & in the right direction

3.5. Glass exit door marked with stickers & posters

3.6. Pictograms above exits & emergency road present

3.7. No 3rd exit present

3.8. Back emergency exit 5cm too low

4. Evacuation

4.1. No point in the store is further than 45m away from 1 exit and 80m from 2nd exit

5. Fire-fighting equipment

5.1. 5 fire extinguishers of the correct type present

5.2. 2 fire reels present

5.3. 1 fire extinguisher of a smaller type: not sufficient

5.4. No fire blanket present in kitchen

6. Alarms

6.1. Sufficient amount of alarm points present

6.2. Smoke detectors and sprinklers present

6.3. Alarms well spread around the building

6.4. System warns the fire-brigade immediately in case of fire