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#technologyinclassroom by Mind Map: #technologyinclassroom

1. Kahoot

1.1. Check for Understanding

1.2. Have Students Create Their Own Kahoots

1.3. Make learning fun

1.4. used to add vitality, student engagement, and meta-cognitive supports

2. Edmodo

2.1. sharing ideas and problems

2.2. social learning platform for teacher and students

2.3. encouraging collaboration in the classroom

2.4. Managing of the homework

3. VR

3.1. Run a Virtual Field Trip

3.2. Preview Field Trips Virtually

3.3. Take a Trip Back in History

4. Seesaw

4.1. Instagram for your Class

4.2. Student driven digital portfolio

4.3. online learning journal

4.4. increase students motivation

5. Pros

5.1. modern learning

5.2. solving complex problems

5.3. Student driven digital portfolios

5.4. teacher support

5.5. Increase the Students Engagement

6. Cons

6.1. can limit physical presentation skills

6.2. can make lesson planning more difficult