The Colleges of Canaan City

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The Colleges of Canaan City by Mind Map: The Colleges of Canaan City

1. Real World Problem: College being to expensive in the U.S.

2. 1. How did this society develop? During the 22nd century college costs around the world start to rise at an alarming rate. The UN decides to create international laws requiring colleges to be free in all countries. This leads to college campuses being overpopulated, with unmotivated students, that have low quality professors because the good ones quit.

3. 2. Where does this story take place? The setting of this story takes place in the city of Canaan which is located floating over the Old City of Chicago. The universities in this area are in ruins because of the laws passed in 2101.

4. 3. This society emphasizes every student must go to college because it is free. People are blind to the fact that students aren't learning in college.

5. 4. What kind of people are not valued? Citizens of any country who refuse to go to college are sent to "Old Cities" where there is a lot of crime and destruction going on.

6. 5. Daily life for an average student consists of skipping class, partying, eating, sleep, repeat.

7. 6. What personnel freedoms are citizens not allowed? Students may not leave campus while in college because of the fer that they may not come back. That's why the city of Canaan is floating.

8. 7. What is the technology like in your society? The technological advances in my dystopia are slim to none. Due to the high unemployment rate, companies like Apple and Google don't have employees to innovate new products.

9. 8. What kind of challenges does this society face? This society faces a multitude of problems all stemming from the population not being able to contribute. Everyday cities are run down and things like electricity and water only work in the rich areas.

10. 9. How is the government ran? 97% of the countries have converted to a dictatorship.

11. 10. What is your societies motto? "Attend College, Don't Frolic!"

12. 11. Importance of the motto to this society? The motto is important because its used as propaganda to control the citizens.