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ICT by Mind Map: ICT

1. Characteristics of IC

1.1. Non-linear

1.2. Discontinuous

1.3. Emergent or catastrophic changes over time & effort

1.4. Discovery or epiphany

1.5. Desired

1.6. Sustainable “lasts long time”

2. Mindfulness

2.1. Mindfulness & high self-awareness —> experience the change process as set of smooth transitions

3. Self-directed learning

3.1. Learning is a form of this desired adaptation or evaluation

4. Areas of change

5. IC vs forced or non-IC

6. Discoveries of ICT

6.1. 1. The Ideal self & a personal vision

6.2. The Real Self & it’s comparison to the ideal self —> resulting in an assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses, in a sense of a personal balance sheet

6.3. A learning agenda & plan

6.4. Experimentation & practice with the new behavior, thoughts, feelings, or perceptions

6.5. Trusting or resonant relationships that enable a person to experience process each discovery in the process