The Connection Between Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare's Life

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The Connection Between Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare's Life by Mind Map: The Connection Between Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare's Life

1. Queen Elizabeth

1.1. She loved theatrical performances. Shakespeare did theatrical performances.

1.1.1. One of Shakespeare's royal Patrons was Queen Elizabeth. Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth both had siblings die, (Joan, Margaret, and Anne all died very young. Joan died two months after being baptized, Margaret died a year after being baptized, and Anne died at age 8).

1.2. Born on September 7th. 1533, in London. She was unwanted because her father wanted a son. She had a difficult early life.

1.2.1. Queen Elizabeth the first was locked up in a tower while her sister was queen. After her sister died she was crowned. She was crowned at the age of 25 in 1558. She had no children. Her sister left a lot of problems that was left after she died and Queen Elizabeth had to deal with. Even with the problems her reign was named "The Golden Age", a peaceful time where the arts flourished. She ruled for 44 years before her death in 1603.

2. Shakespeare

2.1. He was born around 1564 and was the eldest son. His father was a glove maker but then took a political town position because of his father's position he and his siblings most likely went to a grammar school and got a education.

2.1.1. When he was 18 he married Anne Hathaway who was 26 at the time. The marriage was rushed because Anne was pregnant they had a daughter. Then they had twins but one of the twins died. He went to London and became a member of a company of actors. He wrote many poems and plays in that time period. In 1597 Shakespeare bought a house in his hometown Stratford. He would go from this house and then to London. Shakespeare when he was older would spend more time in his hometown. In 1616 at the age of 52 he died.

2.2. At the time Shakespeare was born Queen Elizabeth had been a queen for 5 years.

2.2.1. Queen Elizabeth attended a few of Shakespeare's plays including The Merry Wives of Windsor and Love's Labor's Lost. Queen Elizabeth influenced some of Shakespeare's plays. Both Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare had a lot of art in their life and it was a time where the arts flourished.

3. Life of Queen Elizabeth

4. Connection Between Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare

5. Connection Between Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare

6. Life of Shakespeare