The English Cousins

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The English Cousins by Mind Map: The English Cousins

1. Potential Products coming from lifestyle brand

1.1. Reduce reliance on manufacturing

1.2. Expand the scope and profitability of the business-having a snowball effect

2. New products to "make"

2.1. Existing other and profitability

2.2. ensuring brand association and enhancement

2.3. Plan to increase "add-on" purchases

3. Manufacturer Food

3.1. Christmas Puddings

3.1.1. Christmas Cakes Key focus Refine and manage manufacture techniques to do the following: Organise meetings with potential managers to discuss the future manufacturing of cakes Packaging and brand refinement

4. Lifestyle Brand

4.1. Other Products associated with the English Lifestyle

4.2. By developing this the effect will automatically increase exposure to new markets and increase customer engagement (with new and existing clients)

4.3. use digital marketing to improve visability on all social networks;

4.3.1. set goals for followers and likes

4.3.2. create a plan for monetizing the increased exposure

4.4. Content Creation- Topics that our existing customers and future customers would like to learm more about

4.4.1. Types of content creation: brainstorm

4.4.2. examples Beth would try The perfect English Teatime