Blood Test & Heartworm Test

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Blood Test & Heartworm Test by Mind Map: Blood Test & Heartworm Test

1. Who's Involved

1.1. Jason

1.1.1. Blood Test

1.1.2. Heartworm Text Only for Dogs

1.2. Coworker (Occasionally)

1.2.1. Holds Animal Still

1.3. Dr. Dariy

1.3.1. Draws blood with needle

2. Equipment & Tools

2.1. Blood Collection Tube

2.2. Heartworm Tester Package

2.2.1. Disposable Pipette #1 (included)

2.2.2. Heartworm Test

2.3. Reusable Pipette #2

2.4. Pipettor

2.5. Pipette Tip

2.6. Reagent Disc

2.7. Buffer Liquid

3. Health and Safety Procedures

3.1. Wear appropriate PPE (i.e. Scrubs, closed-toe shoes, gloves if necessary) when operating in the laboratory

3.2. Do not leave centrifuge until full operating speed is reached and appears to be running safely without incident

3.3. Keep the animal steady when the Doctor draws blood. Animals could potentially bite and cause injury

3.4. Dispose of the needle used in drawing the blood

4. Technology

4.1. Blood Analyzer

4.1.1. Place Reagent Disc

4.1.2. Enter Patient ID

4.1.3. Input Type of Pet (Dog/Cat)

4.2. Centrifuge

4.2.1. Set to 5 Minutes

4.2.2. Put to 3300 RPM

5. Locations

5.1. Treatment Room

5.2. Laboratory

6. Post Completion

6.1. Tell supervisor of all results

6.2. Record Results on Consent Form

6.3. Tidy up workstation after conclusion so that it is ready for other procedures

7. Carry out Task(s)

7.1. Centrifuge blood after balancing the centrifuge

7.2. Place plasma sample into reagent disc and input both the disc and related patient information into blood analyzer

7.3. Deposit red blood cell sample and buffer into heartworm tester and check for test result