My Goals

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My Goals by Mind Map: My Goals

1. Thank you

2. Family

2.1. Now

2.1.1. from this moment on without excuses.

2.2. Target

2.2.1. share more time

2.3. When

2.3.1. in union with sincerity and without prejudice.

2.4. How

2.4.1. have a better relationship with my brothers and my parents.

3. Finances

3.1. Now

3.1.1. spending less on unnecessary things.


3.2.1. save to pay for a specialization that allows me a better job position.

3.3. How

3.3.1. proposing a goal to save more and spend less.

4. Career

4.1. Now

4.1.1. make an effort, try not to go back and improve.

4.2. Target

4.2.1. finish technology in logistics and then continue with industrial engineering.

4.3. How

4.3.1. paying attention in class, looking for good grades and dedicating time to learning.

5. Health

5.1. Now

5.1.1. Be more responsible.

5.2. Target

5.2.1. to have a better health and enjoy more of life.

5.3. When

5.3.1. every day regardless of sacrifice.

5.4. How

5.4.1. doing sports, jogging, walking, attending the gym.

6. Relationships

6.1. Now

6.1.1. being a more charismatic person.

6.2. When

6.2.1. at all times, taking advantage of the spaces to socialize more.

6.3. How

6.3.1. conversing, listening to other people and leaving behind sorrows and doubts.