How to eat healthy when eating out

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How to eat healthy when eating out by Mind Map: How to eat healthy when eating out

1. 1) Consider portion size. Restaurants often serve portions big enough to feed two people. To help avoid overeating, order smaller portions, share a meal or save part of your meal for later.

2. 2) Be selective. Choose menu items that contain fruits, vegetables and whole grain. Also choose restaurants where food is made to order. If it’s fast food you’re after, look for restaurants that let you order a side salad and milk or water instead of fries and a soft drink. Look for nutritional information and choose items that are lower in fat, calories and salt.

3. 3) Be smart. If you know you’ll be eating out, don’t skip meals during the day! It’s harder to make healthy choices when you’re hungry.

4. 4) Ask questions. Before you order, find out how the food is prepared. Food that is grilled, baked or steamed tend to be lower in fat than fried foods. Limit food that is breaded or come with cream sauce or gravy.

5. 5) Make substitutions. Order extra vegetables on pizzas and sandwiches. Substitute vegetables, salad or a baked potato for french fries.

6. 6) Opt for water instead of sugar-sweetened soft drinks. If you don’t like water, try other sugar-free or low-calorie beverages. Remember a large cocktail, such as a margarita, can have as many calories as your main course.