Co-construction of writing

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Co-construction of writing by Mind Map: Co-construction of writing

1. joint construction of written text, teacher-led whole class collaborative writing

1.1. interaction paradigm in focus

1.2. what aspects of language and writing T & Ss negotiate/ discuss before Joint construction? while joint construction? (What do(does) T prepares for Ss before joint construction?

1.2.1. metalanguage ; genre knowledge; "languaging" in collaborative writing Humphrey and Mcnaught (2011): phasal analysis of joint text construction 3 phases

1.3. How do(does) T scaffold Ss' co-writings/ how does T employ scaffolding strategies to support learners?

1.3.1. Scaffolding

1.4. Why does T focus on certain types of metalanguage and genre knowledge to instruct Ss? and select certain scaffolding strategies? (reasons for their choices)

1.4.1. Variation in degree of teacher's control time; learner's background; familiarity with target genre; knowledge of the field (Humphrey & Mcnaught, 2011)

1.5. What aspect(s) of writing and language is/ are taken up in Ss' subsequent independent writing?

1.5.1. a hypothesis;

2. issue of L1 use in teaching EFL writing