HR Recruitment

UOP Assignment 5/4/2019

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HR Recruitment by Mind Map: HR Recruitment

1. Training and Development

1.1. New Hire Training: this is vital to the onboarding process as it introduces new hires to the company culture, policies, and general employment expectations.

1.2. On the Job Training: after classroom or instructional job training, new hires should be allowed put into practice that they've learned with the support of trainers or tenured employees nearby for assistance

1.3. Job Sharing/Shadowing: this allow employees to experience different roles and positions in an effort to spark an interest in promoting or learning a new role or skillset.

2. Hiring and Talent Retention

2.1. Host/Participate in Job fairs: increases exposure of position and company while increases candidate pool for possible interview.

2.2. College Internships: allows future college grads to showcase their skillsets with the possibility of a job offer once their degree program has been completed.

2.3. Total Rewards and Benefits: competitive salaries, strong benefits packages, as well as other perks and incentive help attract and retain strong talent

3. Leadership Development

3.1. Mentoring Program: exposes tenured employees and those aspiring leaders to connect with and develop relationships with key business leaders and executive and a possible funnel for succession planning.

3.2. Acting/Temportary Lead and Supervisor Assignment: provides opportunity for tenured reps to develop their leadership skills and talents as they are groomed for full-time leadership in the future.

3.3. Continuing Education Classes: encourages existing leaders to continue to learn and develop new skills allow them to remain sharp and an asset to the organization.