Benefits of Vegetables

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Benefits of Vegetables by Mind Map: Benefits of Vegetables

1. Broccoli

1.1. Detoxifies the Body

1.2. Improves the Glow of Skin

1.3. Several Substances Boost Immunity

1.4. Rich in Calcium Strengthens Bones and Teeth

2. Tomato

2.1. Contains Lycopene Fights Cancer

2.2. Decrease LDL Levels

2.3. Prevents Constipation and Diarrhea

2.4. Potassium Aids in Lowering Blood Pressure

3. Carrots

3.1. Antioxidants Combat Cancer

3.2. Prevents Cardiovascular Problems

3.3. Chewing Carrots Removes Plaque From Teeth

3.4. Vitamin K Helps Liver to Flush Out Toxins

4. Spinach

4.1. Beneficial for Gastrointestinal Tract

4.2. Contains Cancer Fighting Agents

4.3. Vitamin K and Magnesium Good for Bone Health

4.4. Good for Diabetes Management, Low Glycemic Index