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iTEP EXAM by Mind Map: iTEP EXAM

1. General Information

1.1. Should try to

1.1.1. Answer All

1.1.2. Do your best

1.2. Sections Have

1.2.1. multiple-choice questions.

1.2.2. Writing & Reading requires samples

2. What To Expect

2.1. Before the exam begin

2.1.1. Examenee Must present A picture form of identification Will be seated at a computer Probably separated by partitions

2.2. Aren't Permitted

2.2.1. Reference material

2.2.2. Tools

2.2.3. Personal items

2.2.4. Smoking

2.2.5. Eating

2.2.6. Drinking

2.3. During the exam

2.3.1. Examenee May only have A pen or pencil One sheet of paper

2.3.2. Administrator At least one will be in the room all the time

3. Exam Length

3.1. Time

3.1.1. 50 minutes for iTEP Academic iTEP Business SLATE

3.1.2. 80 minutes for Plus versions of iTEP and SLATE

3.1.3. 10 minutes for Exam Preparation

4. Exam Structure

4.1. Sections

4.1.1. Preliminary Used to guide the examenee

4.1.2. Exam Content