Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement by Mind Map: Employee Engagement

1. Definition

1.1. ‘A positive attitude held by the employee toward the organization and its values. An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with employees to improve performance’. Robinson, Perryman and Hayday (2004, ix)

2. Importance

2.1. EE is a matter of concern for leaders and managers globally and is evident in findings of the Corporate Communication International survey of US chief corporate communicator opinion on practices and trends. The survey identified EE as 1 of the 3 top trends facing organisations (Goodman et al., 2009). In Europe, a UK Government-sponsored review (MacLeod and Clarke, 2009) found employee engagement to be a cause for concern for leaders in private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

3. Evolution

3.1. Pre-wave (pre 1990)

3.2. Wave 1 (1990 - 1999)

3.3. Wave 2 (2000 - 2005)

3.4. Wave 3 (2006-2010)

4. Key Enablers

4.1. Leadership Communication > Organisational Engagement > Organisational Effectiveness

5. Challenges

5.1. Message Strategy

5.2. Tone

5.3. Emotional vs. Cognitive Engagement Model

6. Current State of Affairs

6.1. EE has a current state of confusion in which there are too many areas of application and origins. Academic. Business and management, Consultancies, Psychology and Org Behaviour. As these sources have their own conceptions of the term EE they cause confusion in literature.

7. Possible Solutions

7.1. Corporate Communications

7.2. Leadership Training

7.3. Human Resources Management