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The Fall - Sam by Mind Map: The Fall - Sam

1. He showed bravery when he was scared, he wen outside to see what happened to body he witness fall off the balcony

2. Sam must constantly try to work out who is doing the right thing or the wrong thing;

3. He went to a policeman who himself was a criminal, he recognised his face. This made him even more concerned about his safety

4. Sam has always been curious about his father, who he had never met

5. Sam and his father were kidnapped by the corrupt cop and it ended by the community knowing the truth

6. Sam was anxious to tell anyone about the issue, a neighbour persuaded him to be resilient and go to the police

7. Even though he was injured he felt a sense of justice and kept fighting for the truth

8. Sam suspects he has witnessed a crime, and he must look at all the tiny details to find clues to what has really happened and uncover the truth