AAMC 15 Core Competencies

What Medical Schools Look For - AAMC's 15 Core Competencies

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AAMC 15 Core Competencies by Mind Map: AAMC 15 Core Competencies

1. Pre-Professional Competencies

1.1. Service Orientation

1.1.1. Community Health Fairs

1.1.2. Volunteering in a Soup Kitchen

1.1.3. Medical Mission Trips

1.1.4. Special Olympics Coaching

1.2. Social Skills

1.2.1. Interview Prowess

1.2.2. Coaching youth basketball

1.2.3. Acting as camp counselor

1.3. Cultural Competence

1.3.1. Putting on a cultural competency workshop

1.3.2. Working with organizations with a specific cultural population (e.g. Vietnamese Community Health, Chicanos for Community Medicine)

1.3.3. Participate in a cultural beauty pageant!

1.4. Teamwork

1.4.1. Military Service (ROTC)

1.4.2. Intramural Sports

1.4.3. Taking on a leadership position in a board

1.5. Oral Communication

1.5.1. Public speaking such as Toastmasters

1.5.2. Research presentations/Poster days

1.5.3. Serving as a learning assistant/peer learning facilitator

1.6. Ethical Responsibility to Self & Others

1.6.1. Hospital Volunteering

1.6.2. Biomedical Ethics Research

1.7. Reliability & Dependability

1.7.1. Youth Basketball Coach

1.7.2. Mentor for at-risk youth

1.7.3. Strong letters of recommendation

1.8. Resilience and Adaptability

1.8.1. Discussion of applicant's failures and responses to said failures

1.8.2. Flourishes despite disadvantaged background

1.9. Capacity for Improvement

1.9.1. Strong positive GPA trend

1.9.2. Significant jump in MCAT score after retaking

1.9.3. Individualized experiences regarding applicant's failures and how the applicant looked to improve

2. Thinking and Reasoning Competencies

2.1. Critical Thinking

2.1.1. Demonstration of familiarity with the scientific method through research

2.1.2. GPA/MCAT Scores

2.2. Quantitative Reasoning

2.2.1. Mathematics and Statistics Coursework

2.2.2. Ability to understand ranges and/or limitations of scientific conclusions in accordance with their statistics

2.3. Scientific Inquiry

2.3.1. Research Abstracts, Poster Days, Presentations and/or Publications

2.3.2. Research Theses

2.3.3. Organizations like Morning Sign Out which translate peer-reviewed science to readily digestible conclusions for the public, who may not be trained in scientific inquiry

2.4. Written Communication

2.4.1. Personal Statement/Secondary Application

2.4.2. School Newspaper/Journalism Ventures

2.4.3. Published Short Stories/E-Books

3. Science Competencies

3.1. Living Systems

3.1.1. Science GPA

3.1.2. MCAT Bio/Biochem Performance

3.1.3. Basic Science Research

3.2. Human Behavior

3.2.1. Humanities Coursework

3.2.2. MCAT Psych/Soc Performance

3.2.3. Humanities Research


4.1. You do NOT need to demonstrate these 15 competencies in 15 unique ways. Oftentimes, a single experience can indicate your ability across multiple competencies.

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