Milo Cup (Basketball)

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Milo Cup (Basketball) by Mind Map: Milo Cup (Basketball)

1. Venue

1.1. Basketball Association of Singapore

1.1.1. How do we get Basketball Association of Singapore to allow us to host our event there? - We will pay rental fees to Basketball Association of Singapore. - More visitors will come to the event and will be able to check out the Basketball Association of Singapore's facilities at the same time.

1.2. Capacity at the Venue

1.2.1. Maximum 3000 people

1.3. ITE College Central

1.3.1. We will notify them regarding our back up plans if our first venue is not available. We will compensate them for our last minute change of venue to our 2nd choice (ITE College Central).

2. Participants

2.1. Open to public however strictly under 2 categories.

2.1.1. Youth U15

2.1.2. Youth U17

2.1.3. Minimum 3 people per team.

2.1.4. Reserves/Substitutes are optional.

2.2. How do they register?

2.2.1. Registrations can only be made on our website. There will be registration fees accounted for. Early Bird Discount: $100 Registration fee per team of 3: $125

3. Sponsors

3.1. 100plus

3.2. Molten

3.3. Li Ning

3.4. Milo

3.5. 2XU


3.7. How do we get these brands to sponsor for us?

3.7.1. 100plus and Milo We will display their energy drink products

3.7.2. 2XU and MCDAVID Showcase compression suits that is used for basketball players

3.7.3. Molten Showcase their basketballs such as the material used for their balls and how durable it is.

3.7.4. Li Ning Showcase different models of basketball shoes under Li Ning

4. Logistics

4.1. - 2 Basketball Courts because due to possible overwhelming numbers of registrations and it may be time consuming. Better management of time as more than 2 teams will be playing at a time.

4.2. - Molten basketballs as one of our sponsoring company is Molten. This will help to showcase their products and people can try using it throughout the event.

4.3. - Extra basketball hoops and nets in case of unforeseen damages on basketball hoop.

4.4. - Bench for reserves and substitutes of the teams and Coach.

4.5. - Medic truck in case of medical emergencies throughout the event.

4.6. - Referees to manage the game.

4.6.1. B.A.S

4.7. - Scoreboards provided by Basketball Association of Singapore.

4.8. Black whistles for Referees.

4.9. Speakers for EMCEEs to commence the event and direct the whole event flow.

5. When?

5.1. Event will be held in the holidays particularly in December as that will most likely to be the only time available for our participants.

5.2. The event will be a 2-day event. It will start from 9 am to 5 pm. Registration will start at 9:15am. The 1st Day will be qualifying rounds and 2nd Day will be the finals.

6. How do we let people know about our event?

6.1. Advertisements through social platforms.

6.2. Posters on neighbourhood noticeboard.

6.3. School talk during assembly.

6.4. Flyers distributed in many locations.

7. Gifts

7.1. Participants will receive goodie bags consisting of sweatbands by lining, shirts with event names and all our sponsors, complimentary drinks by 100plus and Milo, Basketball keychains by Molten, Towel by MILO and 100plus.

7.2. Competitive prizes for (1st, 2nd and 3rd):

7.2.1. Medals

7.2.2. Free vouchers under sponsored brands

7.2.3. Top 3 winners will receive money cheques presented by different sponsoring companies. 1st Prize: 250 2nd Prize: 200 3rd Prize: 150

8. Permits

8.1. We will propose a permit from the respective company such as LTA or Police etc. in ensuring our location for this event is safe for 3000 people.