Has ICE had a positive or negative impact?

ICE impact mind map

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Has ICE had a positive or negative impact? by Mind Map: Has ICE had a positive or negative impact?

1. Source 4: 7-time deported criminal alien from Mexico sentenced in Iowa to 21 months in federal prison for unlawfully possessing a firearm

1.1. The main idea for Source 4 is the story of an immigrant with a criminal record.

1.1.1. The man from Mexico was deported 7 times. He was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison for being an illegal alien, unlawful possession of a firearm, and drug use.

1.1.2. Depending on an illegal immigrants' criminal status, someone who re-enters the US after having been deported and who commits a felony punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison, if convicted.

1.1.3. This is one of the dangerous criminal migrants that has entered the US that they're trying their best to prevent.

1.1.4. This helps answer my compelling question by giving me the opposite/more stereotypical answer from ICE itself. This is why they do what they do.

1.2. “7-Time Deported Criminal Alien from Mexico Sentenced in Iowa to 21 Months in Federal Prison for Unlawfully Possessing a Firearm.” ICE, 29 Apr. 2019, www.ice.gov/news/releases/7-time-deported-criminal-alien-mexico-sentenced-iowa-21-months-federal-prison.

1.2.1. This is a news update from ICE’s official government website: I know that the information is credible for this reason alone. It does show that ICE is making “good” /positive arrests per say because they are taking a seven time convicted criminal out of society and reprimanding them in federal prison. This article is a good support for Trump’s expert opinion due to the fact that they are carrying out his orders and to do that they must agree to a certain extent. The report itself is also very current (04/29/19) and that’s important because policies and just the country in general change so quickly at times.

2. Source 3: ICE Is Monitoring and Targeting Immigration Activists

2.1. The main idea for Source 3 is (ICE) and others law enforcement are using federal resources to monitor and target undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers who protest Trump's policies.

2.1.1. It's focused on the separation of families and how hard that is on the individuals in those families.

2.1.2. The parents are jailed and the children are sent to centers or facilities. They aren't reunited for months on end.

2.1.3. ICE did many traffic stops and interrogated family members of those who protested Trump's policies. Two were tackled on the ground and yelled at how this was their fault.

2.1.4. This helps me answer my compelling question by backing up and digging into more depth/details about ICE raids and their treatment of immigrants.

2.2. Ludwig, Mike. “ICE Is Monitoring and Targeting Immigration Activists.” Truthout, Truthout, 30 Apr. 2019, truthout.org/articles/ice-is-monitoring-and-targeting-immigration-activists/.

2.2.1. This has quotes from ICE officers and offers background information on specific stories (like Gonzales) where people are having their basic rights seemingly stripped away by Immigration & Customs Enforcement and seemingly blatant racism. This is solid, strong evidence for this side of the story. It’s also very current this helps us know the information is accurate (04/30/19).

3. Expert 1: John Sandweg & others https://americasvoice.org/press_releases/insight-into-immigration-policy/

3.1. The main idea for Expert 1 is that Trump's immigration policies are doing more harm than good.

3.1.1. The money is going nowhere effective because the wall isn't going to work. It Deporting families who could help the country prosper isn't going to change us for the better.

3.1.2. It's not affecting just Hispanic immigrants, Muslims and refugees are being banned.

3.1.3. ICE is taking any and every one they can find. They're doing "silent" raids on people who comply as much as they possibly can. Entire families are sent back into dangerous circumstances for no reason; they didn't have criminal records.

3.1.4. This helps me answer my compelling question by providing strong, specifics on what ICE is doing from the perspective of the people and in an overall scheme of things.

3.2. AV Press Releases. “Former Acting ICE Director John Sandweg & Immigration Experts Provide Insight Into Immigration Policy and Practice Under The Trump Administration.” America's Voice, 26 Apr. 2019, americasvoice.org/press_releases/insight-into-immigration-policy/.

3.2.1. I know that those being quoted in the article are credible because they have held positions of power that pertain to the happenings of ICE such as the former director John Sandweg. It was also a press release so that is a very trustworthy source. The source is pretty recent (from the past week or so) and it has direct quotes with the audio linked. This helps check off my first expert for the negative side which is surprising as the director of ICE no longer holds the same point of view as he once did; this furthers the credibility of the source because he’d know ICE and its procedures, etc. better than anyone else.

4. Expert 2: Donald Trump Remarks by President Trump on Border Security | The White House

4.1. “Remarks by President Trump on Border Security.” The White House, The United States Government, www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-border-security/.

4.1.1. The expertise for this source is the country’s president. He has to be the expert of his own policies and enforcing them with his best interest. I know Donald Trump is credible because he has been the president, aka the one implementing these policies, for the past almost 4 years. It came directly from the White House and a briefing so I know that it is extremely trustworthy. There are also direct quotes so nothing can be skewed or taken out of context.

4.2. The main idea of Expert 2 is how proud Trump is of ICE and Border Patrol. He said there needs to be more people like them in our country.

4.2.1. He said that our country needs protection and that's what all of the people are asking for: this is what ICE and Border Patrol is providing.

4.2.2. They've stopped 17,000 criminals from entering the United States, not to mention all of the drugs.

4.2.3. "ICE has been doing an amazing job in deporting a lot of these people back to their countries." They feel as though the people they deport won't stay in their home countries and ultimately that's why the wall is needed.

4.2.4. This helps answer my compelling question by getting the perspective from the person who is in charge of these policies and created them.

5. My final thoughts: I would have to say that my stance on ICE, Border Patrol, and Trump's other immigration policies have had such a negative impact on our country that it will be hard for future presidents and citizens to repair all of the damage he has done. There were other stories about ICE keeping children in cages and ICE officers sexually assaulting women and men they had in their custody. The overall theme of illegal "aliens" being so terrified of deportation that they don't seek out legal help when these things happen breaks my heart. They're being denied due process of law and that isn't right. If America is supposed to be the "land of the free" why are we deporting people who are only seeking freedom from the struggles/circumstances of their home countries? I just don't think it's justified to deem an entire group of people as "illegal" without solid evidence or reasoning.