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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. Smartboard

1.1. Presentations to whole class

1.2. Used as a message board before and after class

1.3. Watch videos/ view images; whole class at once

1.4. Used in class activities

2. Chrome Books

2.1. Personalized way to tap into school network

2.2. Take home any and all homework

2.3. Safest way for students to access internet at school

2.4. Remain in contact between teacher and student

3. Smart Phones

3.1. Quickest way to access information in a classroom

3.2. Quiz games such as Kahoot

3.3. Contact students in case of emergencies

4. Google Classroom

4.1. Easiest way to share assignments with students

4.2. Quick feedback

4.3. Easily share lessons and help students all at once

4.4. Keep track of all past, present, and future work in and outside of class