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The New War Collection: Resistance/Permanence (2007-2009) by Mind Map: The New War Collection:
Resistance/Permanence (2007-2009)
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The New War Collection: Resistance/Permanence (2007-2009)

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Phase IV

Phase I


Anna Deavere Smith

Representing the Real


Targeting the Iraq War

Everything I learned before I logged In

Annotated Bibliography

production schedule

production budget


Coming Out Again

The New Narrative Collections



Phase II

AFA proposal

create proposal

create time/action

create budget

create portfolio

ethics board


fill out paper work


website live

name and design

find web 2.0 app

create interactive flow

create written content

create visuals

set up paypal


evaluate, formal presentation, field questions, soft launch to collegues, field questions, respond, make changes, formal presentation

make needed changes

participant contact

collection of narratives

draft working model

physical flow charts and diagrams

New node

New node

New node

New node

New node

New node

New node

model chair design

media and data processing

build chairs


material price


Phase III

Phase V