Fundamentals of Cell & Molecular Engineering

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Fundamentals of Cell & Molecular Engineering by Mind Map: Fundamentals of Cell & Molecular Engineering

1. Lecture

1.1. The objective of this course is to provide students an introduction to the principles and techniques of molecular cell biology needed for a basic understanding of how proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids can be manipulated for biomedical engineering purposes. This will be accomplished through a macro to micro view of problems in cell and molecular engineering.

1.1.1. Cell & Molecular Engineering Week 1 Lecture 1 Lecture 2

1.1.2. Biology Cellular Nanomachines Cellular Chemical Components Energy and Biosynthesis Mitochondria Cells as Engineers Gene Expression/Regulation

1.1.3. Membrane Biophysics

1.1.4. Cellular Interactions Cell Growth Cell Migration Cell Differentiation

1.1.5. Mechanotransduction/Mechanochemistry Signal Transduction

1.1.6. Biomechanics/Mechanobiology Protein Secretion Protein Transport

2. Lab

2.1. Goal: Experience lab workflow related to protein expression in a bacterial vector. The lab will function as one full project, where students are expected to follow through week to week. Students will replicate a GFP gene, express and purify GFP, and transfect mammalian cells with their GFP plasmid. Students will write a lab report in the style of a journal article.

2.1.1. Week 2 Bacterial Growth Students will learn about bacterial growth of E. coli. (BL21 strain)

2.1.2. Week 3 Restriction Enzyme Digestion Students will learn about how to modify a DNA plasmid using the restriction enzymes and ligase to introduce GFP to a pUC19 plasmid

2.1.3. Week 4 DNA Isolation & Purification Students will learn about plasmid isolation and purification

2.1.4. Week 5 Bacterial Transformation Students will learn about bacterial transformation and antibiotic resistance

2.1.5. Week 6 Protein Expression and Purification Students will learn about protein expression and purification methods

2.1.6. Week 7 Protein Quantification Students will learn how BCA assay can be used to determine protein concentraton

2.1.7. Week 8 Protein Visualization and Separation Students will learn about SDS PAGE and how it fits into the workflow of a molecular bioengineer

2.1.8. Week 9 Mammalian Cell Culture Students will learn cell culture techniques

2.1.9. Week 10 Fluorescence Microscopy Students will use mammalian cells transfected with GFP plasmid to learn about fluorescence microscopy

2.1.10. Week 11 Lab Wrap-Up Student deliverables: