Graphic design

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Graphic design by Mind Map: Graphic design

1. purpose

1.1. to create effects to capture the human eye

1.2. to help persuade for something that is usually bigger than the surface: ads, donations, churches etc

2. How it affect events

2.1. can convince boosters/donors to donate more

2.2. can influence people to take a subject more serious

2.2.1. can ultimately change a persons life for the better

3. Images

3.1. the actual image and symbols are both key

3.2. the symbols presented along with numbers tell a story or sell an idea

4. principles

4.1. Crap

4.1.1. contrast good contrast between the colors makes an image aesthically pleasing, easier to look at with enjoyment good coloring is important in general, it can serve as an emotional connection for the viewer. I.e. red is anger,action, yellow is a sign of excitement

4.1.2. repetition repetition reinforces ideas and main points of the image, is a major part in the effectiveness of the image

4.1.3. alignment The alignment for thetext is important as it can take away from a persons focus if the words or images are too close causing confusion to the viewer

4.1.4. proximity The proximity for the images is also very important because it is vital the viewer/audience knows exactly what they are looking at/ getting. The items should be related to manifest an idea

5. Importance of principles

5.1. Principles of graphic design are important because following those principles you cant go wrong

5.2. can determine the successful of an ad or image representation