What is Multimedia Learning?

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What is Multimedia Learning? by Mind Map: What is Multimedia Learning?

1. Cognitive Learning Theory

1.1. Cognitive Load

1.1.1. Extraneous Redundancy Principle Signaling Principle Spatial Contiguity Temporal Contiguity Coherence

1.1.2. Essential Pre-Training Segmenting Modality

1.1.3. Generative Personalization Guided Discovery Voice Self-explanation Embodiment Drawing

1.2. Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

2. The multimedia principle simply states that “students learn better from words and pictures than from words alone” (Mayer, 2014, p. 624).

2.1. Feedback Principle

2.2. Multiple Representation

2.3. Learner Control

2.4. Animation

2.5. Collaboration

2.6. Expertise Reversal