Balanced Reading

Balanced reading

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Balanced Reading by Mind Map: Balanced Reading

1. Read Alouds

1.1. Teacher directed

1.1.1. Done as a whole class

1.2. A wide variety of texts

1.2.1. Connects students to background knowledge

1.3. Text is at a higher reading level.

1.4. Location-carpet area or in desks

1.4.1. occurs daily

2. Guided Reading

2.1. Students work in a small group with teacher

2.1.1. group members changed based on their needs changing

2.2. Assessments takes place/ anecdotal notes

2.2.1. Students share questioning

2.3. groups taught specific strategies

2.3.1. text selected to support strategy being taught

2.4. meet regularly/ once a week

2.4.1. Location-Desks or round table

3. Shared Reading

3.1. Both students and teacher read

3.1.1. Students are engaged and listening 10-15 mins

3.2. Teacher models strategies

3.2.1. Interactive/Students participate

3.3. Location-small table with chairs Discussion takes place

3.3.1. Students sit in close proximity to teacher

3.4. Focus only on 1-2 strategies

3.4.1. Use big books, posters, charts, ect

4. Independent Reading

4.1. students practice taught strategies independently

4.1.1. Oral or written responses

4.2. Student teacher conferences held

4.2.1. Location-anywhere they find comfortable in the classroom

4.3. Student choice or teacher directed

4.3.1. Independent of teacher support

4.4. Students read at their level

4.4.1. a wide variety of texts

4.5. occurs daily

4.5.1. quiet/relaxed atmosphere

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