The early years in children's development

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The early years in children's development by Mind Map: The early years in children's development

1. prominence

1.1. building their personality

1.2. shaping their character

1.3. they learn social mores

1.4. they acquire moral values

2. main activities

2.1. symbolic games

2.2. role playing

2.3. structured rule based games

2.4. learn to creatively express themselves

3. preschool education

3.1. the ages of 3 to 6

3.2. provides children with the space to develop

3.2.1. their self-confidence

3.2.2. the sense of competence and control

3.2.3. each child's unique personality

3.3. systematic approach takes into account

3.3.1. the children

3.3.2. their parents and families

3.3.3. the characteristics of their community

4. Children become aquainted with the world, and their natural curiosity leads them to investigate further, solve problems and realize their potential