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Cinema by Mind Map: Cinema

1. -

1.1. Tickets

1.1.1. Difficult/Expencive It wasn't easy to buy the tickets The tickets were expencive

1.2. noisy

1.2.1. giggling Someone in front of me was giggling all the time

1.2.2. speaking A lady next to Mary was always speaking on the phone

1.2.3. eating crisps The boys sitting behind me were eatting crisps

1.3. Late

1.3.1. look for We had to look for free seats We had to look our seats in the dark

1.3.2. bus We missed the last bus on foot

1.3.3. weather It started to rain and we didn’t have umbrellas

1.4. Time

1.4.1. convenient The time is not convenient

1.5. Screen

1.5.1. see We couldn’t see the screen very well a big men

1.6. Film

1.6.1. Was boring The film was boring awful The film was awful dull The film was dull

2. +

2.1. Seats

2.1.1. Comfortable The seats were comfortable

2.2. Company

2.2.1. Good I went in the cinema with a good company

2.3. Tickets

2.3.1. Not expensive/Easy to buy The tickets in the cinema weren't expensive The tickets were easy to buy

2.4. Atmosphere

2.4.1. Special There was a special atmosphere in the cinema

2.5. Film

2.5.1. The film was ... relaxing The film was relaxing ... my favourite The film was my favourite ... gripping and exciting The film was gripping and exciting

2.6. Plot

2.6.1. Breathtaking The plot of the film was very breathtaking

2.7. Screen

2.7.1. Big The screen in the cinema was big

2.8. Dream

2.8.1. Come true My dream is to see the film come true

2.8.2. Has always been It has always been my dream to watch their film at the cinema

2.9. The cinema

2.9.1. favourite It was in my favourite cinema