Sydney Meeting

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Sydney Meeting by Mind Map: Sydney  Meeting

1. Fiction piece

1.1. Fiction piece should go into the larger fiction assignment

2. Batman paper


2.2. possibly feminism

2.3. identity

2.4. write why you didn’t like it

2.4.1. comic book, graphic

2.4.2. distracting

2.4.3. format

2.4.4. appeals to a certain subculture / fanbase/ kinship (cultural) group

3. The Carey Kelly Perdiciment

3.1. she’s the only robin: vs she’s a part of a heritage

3.2. when she first sees the suit: is she looking at it in aww or is she admiring it.

3.3. Her ignorance to the roll she plays in the eyes of the uncultured reader and its relatability

3.4. she doesn’t know batman’s history of killing his robins, much the same as a new reader doesn’t.

4. The experience of being new to Batman and Carey Kelly