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Observations by Mind Map: Observations

1. One student at a time, not whole group

2. Are used for profiling student demonstration of learning outcomes

3. Incidental

3.1. Occurs during activities of teaching and learning.

3.2. Generally recorded though descriptions in a logbook

4. Planned

4.1. Purposely planning an opportunity to observe specific learning outcomes

4.2. Must know the the observation will be recorded and what will be recorded

5. Direct Record

5.1. Audio, video, pictures

6. Written Record

6.1. Observation sheets, logbooks

7. Can be used as a basis for formal assessment

8. Give teachers a diverse range of evidence on student learning outcomes

9. Can be used in the classroom: To measure growth and development, to watch a student develop a certain skill, to gather student data

10. Are able to measure skills in a direct manner

10.1. Rubrics

10.1.1. A tool to evaluate or grade a students demonstration of mastery for a given learning target

10.1.2. Holistic All criterion is evaluated simulatneously

10.1.3. Analytic Each criterion is evaluated separately

10.1.4. Give clear expectations and show students how to meet those expectations

10.1.5. Can be time consuming for the teacher Curriculum-Based Measuremet (CMB) A form of assessment that allows teachers to see progress in their students math, reading, and spelling. Done for 1-5 minutes. The scores are kept in a graph to access progress Must be done every week in order to be effective