Digestive system

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Digestive system by Mind Map: Digestive system

1. Mouth

1.1. •Breakdown of food

2. Stomach

2.1. •Helps digest foods with acids

3. Small intestine

3.1. •where most of the end absorption of food takes place.

4. Esophagus

4.1. •The esophagus is a long, thin, and muscular tube that connects the pharynx (throat) to the stomach

5. Salivary glands

5.1. •The salivary glands produce saliva, which keeps the mouth and other parts of the digestive system moist.

6. Anus

6.1. •The anus is the last part of the digestive tract.

7. Gall bladder

7.1. •The gallbladder serves as a reservoir for bile

8. Pancreas

8.1. •digestive juices, are secreted by the pancreas into the small intestine.

9. Proteins

9.1. •Protein digestion begins with the action of an enzyme called pepsin.

10. Fats

10.1. •fat digestion happens once it reaches the small intestine

11. Lipids

11.1. -•Lipids, or fat, go undigested in your digestive tract until they reach your small intestine, where they meet bile.

12. Diarrhea

12.1. •salts and fluids, as well as nutrients from the food that you eat, end up being passed through the colon too quickly.

13. Liver

13.1. •liver produces bile that helps you digest fats and certain vitamins.

14. Mucosa

14.1. •innermost layer, and functions in absorption and secretion.

15. Submucosa

15.1. •submucosa is the layer of dense irregular connective tissue or loose connective tissue that supports the mucosa.

16. Peristalsis

16.1. •The process of peristalsis begins in the esophagus when a bolus of food is swallowed.

17. Large intestine

17.1. •large intestine is responsible for processing indigestible food material

18. Carbohydrates

18.1. •Most of the carbohydrates in the foods you eat are digested and broken down into glucose before entering the bloodstream.

19. Gastric phase

19.1. •The gastric phase of digestive secretion happens after you swallow food

20. Rectum

20.1. •connects your colon to your anus.