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Content Marketing by Mind Map: Content Marketing

1. Knowing Content Marketing

1.1. Defenition

1.2. Benefitts

1.3. Why Must Content Marketing

2. Starting with Plan

2.1. Defining your mission

2.2. Developing your avatars

2.3. Creating Brand Awareness Using Style Mastery

2.4. Looking at the Buyer Funnel

3. Preparing Infrasctructure

3.1. Preparing Your Sites for Visitors

3.2. Developing Site Content That Gets Leads

4. Amplifying Your Content with Sharing and Syndication

4.1. Understanding Content Promotion Types

4.2. Utilizing Organic Promotion

4.3. Understanding Paid Syndication

4.4. Working with Influencers

4.5. Deploying Guest Posts

5. Measuring Your Outcomes

5.1. Knowing Your Numbers

5.2. Using the Buyer Funnel

6. Features to Look for in a Content Marketing Platform (Infografics)

7. Creating Your Content

7.1. Researching the Topics That Get Traffic

7.2. Diversifying with Content Types

7.3. Recognizing the Power of the Headline

7.4. Filling in Your Editorial Calendar