CuRe Training & Development

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CuRe Training & Development by Mind Map: CuRe Training & Development

1. Audiance

1.1. New Comers

1.2. Existing

1.2.1. SPVs

1.2.2. Management

1.2.3. Support

2. Refreshments

2.1. Agents

2.1.1. Audiance Only those scores low Assessment

2.1.2. Frequency Regular to all Typical topics Ad hoc

3. Platform

3.1. Can we use LH LMS platform?

3.1.1. Agents log in and do the tests and scores are seen by LH Confidentiality?

3.2. Provider platforms

3.2.1. No transparency to LH

3.3. No platform

3.3.1. LH will never know or control number participants, results etc.

4. Traning Method

4.1. Refreshment Packages (lef paced)

4.1.1. Process / know -how related Prepare custom Articulate packages with or without VO topics Must have quizes time to market is important in case they asre ad hoc

4.1.2. Skills development Ready made e-learning packages via one or two catalogue Providers

4.2. Refreshment (instructor led)

4.2.1. Clear packages and instructions like guidelines project

5. Audit and Feedback

6. New Service Launches