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TLS 409 by Mind Map: TLS 409


1.1. method of teaching

1.2. how essential it is to establish your own personal method of teaching, while taking into account all of the lives you are going to take care for.

1.3. the differences in other methods of teaching, and how some methods negatively affect a group of children, while maybe not harming another group. This plays into one of the semesters key concepts as well, (racism).


1.4.1. makes students passive followers rather than leaders. Refers to and critiques the metaphor that students are empty vessels that educators must put information into. Erases the history and identity of the students and their families

1.4.2. This can be seen as not only a really awful affect on some educators' teaching methods, yet it is also a prime example of internalized colonization


1.5.1. Tracting happens generally in middle school/ high school. It can happen both within a district and a school. Students are judged by their “achievement’ and “potential” and given a program that “suits them”

1.5.2. this always only hurts lower income families, and most of the time is proven to be more of a racist system than anything else. When looking at statistics of schools around just Tucson, we can see the outright racism in our own educational community.



2.1.1. It deconstructs the culture of a certain group of people. It is the destruction of the culture of a dominated group and its replacement by the culture of the dominating group. All this stems from when the African American slaves were forbidden access to education due to fear of a slave revolt against the slaveholders.

2.1.2. example of this could be how during the 18th and 19th century in the United States when African Americans were enslaved. The owners of these humans would exploit them, changing their name, not allowing them to learn how to read.


2.2.1. INTERNALIZED deculturalization in a community. Supported by programs such as English immersion that force people to give up their home culture and accept what is being forced onto them. the negative impact this has primarily on children. Stripping away not only culture, yet an identity. This is extremely traumatic, and has even caused serious hardships and setbacks for all those, (except white people), while being looked upon as "lazy", or even "uncultured". an example of this is when I went to private school, I ONLY spoke Spanish and could barely a conversation in English. Because of several subliminal racist laws, I now only speak and know English. I can barely hold a conversation in Spanish because of my schooling!

2.2.2. when one nation takes over another, stripping them of their own culture and identity, taking away what makes them them. Essentially erases and replaces a culture and way of life, expecting the people to "just go with it"

2.2.3. a lot of ugly history behind the truth of Columbus was deleted or erased from textbooks. This is important to teach children in that it provides an actual depiction of the truth behind the United States.

2.3. varies from person to person interaction to social and political stratification of nations; discrimination and disenfranchisement of a person or people’s race

2.4. the major impacts this plays into education

2.5. this sets back groups of people unfairly later on in life. While some racism is explicit, a lot of laws have subliminal racism, which furthers back these groups of people even more. Some like to say "reverse racism" exists, but it is false under the idea that racism was derived from white people.



3.1.1. HOUSING SEGREGATION houses in heavily minoritized areas do not appreciate in value nearly as much, creating a positive feedback loop this immediately effects the education of minorities, because it places them in lower funded schools because of their housing location(s). The only reason a majority of minorities live in these communities is because of the early setbacks started at a young education.

3.1.2. terms that focus more on who the culture is now rather than where it came from. Separates the people from the history of Spanish oppression and imperialization and celebrates the new growth of culture.

3.1.3. this group or people has been one of the most subjugated groups within the United States, and schooling system. Recent political climates, situations and tensions at the University of Arizona, it is VITAL that we as educators do everything we can to assist them.


3.2.1. payment that government gives to a discriminatory group for mistreating

3.2.2. the government has still not given out a formal apology for the injustices that it has done against POC, primarily against Indigenous People


3.3.1. claiming you don’t see any differences, strips cultural identity. You chose to not look or acknowledge the history or identity of an individual. This comes from a place of privilege and usually discredits the obstacles that people have had to overcome.

3.3.2. some educators will take this approach when teaching a classroom, yet fail to realize what they are actually doing - white washing their students' education. This can be reflected because these educators believe they are teaching the "true history", which is written and published by not only white men, yet America. These implications are excruciatingly negative towards students.

3.4. What groups or terms someone has chosen to attach to themselves to give their personality depth

3.5. it can include what communities they belong to and backgrounds they come from. This is what makes each individual unique given their different experiences based on their identity.

3.6. VOICE

3.6.1. people of color speak with knowledge that society is founded in racism and racist ideals

3.6.2. this can be given throughout testimonials, like we did in class