Pre-Assessment & Differentiation Mindmap

Jeria Carter | TEACH-NOW | Module 5 Unit 4 Activity 1

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Pre-Assessment & Differentiation Mindmap by Mind Map: Pre-Assessment & Differentiation Mindmap


1.1. Group 2- Intermediate Group (12 students): Students have some knowledge about primary and secondary colors but need to develop higher order thinking skills . They will work with 2 aides and will be broken down further into 2 groups of 6. They will be given several Ziploc bags filled with primary colors (red, yellow and blue) to explore and practice mixing colors. Once they have successfully sorted colors they will rotate to STATION 1 (GROUP 1 ) to begin working on mixing primary colors worksheet.

2. PRE-ASSESSMENT- "SHOW OF HANDS" Students will answer questions by a show of hands to test their level of understanding of primary and secondary colors. Based on their answers the class will be divided into 3 groups. All students have varying degrees of autism. Based on their accommodations each group will be at different stations throughout the classroom with the teacher or an aide.


3.1. Group 1 (5 students): Students in this group answered most difficult questions about primary and secondary colors correctly. This group of students will work independently on mixing primary colors worksheet with watercolors. As an extension exercise, they will be tasked to create a drawing or painting only using primary colors and then one drawing/ painting with only secondary colors.

3.1.1. MORE ADVANCED ACTIVITIES: 1. Allow Choice 2. Intergrate Technology 3.Encourage Self Assessments 4. Encourage Goal Setting 5.Group advance students together 6. Accomodate Pace


4.1. Group 3 - Remediation Group (5 students): Students in this group appear to have limited to no knowledge about the topic. They have difficulty identifying colors. So they work with the teacher with flashcards on sorting colors.Once they have successfully sorted colors they will rotate to STATION 2 (GROUP 2 ) to explore mixing primary colors.