Data management

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Data management by Mind Map: Data management


1.1. -system that enables a company to collect, store, analyse and i terprete data

1.2. Theres Object , relational and object-relational dbms

2. Data mining

2.1. Used by companies to predict trends, improve value and competitive edge

3. Big data

3.1. Can be viewed as immeasurable and unstructured or classified into 3 Vs: Volume, Variety, Velocity

3.2. Available mainly through the Internet (IoT) with thenuse of satelites and the web as a source of various magnitudes of data. Also presents challenges : sorting, analysing, quality, managing and sharing

3.3. Cloud computing

4. Data used to improve business intelligence

4.1. Data warehouses which includes the collection of data,data analysis, and conversion into business intelligence or information

5. Web based data management

5.1. Combining company data systems and web access to avail information to users, analyse and inteprete

6. Database creation.

6.1. Classification of data into attributes that are relational

6.2. Enables for all directorates to have access to information that they can use in their day to day activities i.e supplier database, customer databse, employee databaseetc