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Will / Going to by Mind Map: Will / Going to

1. Will is used with a verb in infinitive.

1.1. “I will see you tomorrow.”

2. Going to is longer: the verb to be + going to + is used in a verb in infinitive.

2.1. “I’m going to buy the tickets later.”

2.2. The basic difference between these two expressions of the future: "going to" is used for plans, and will be used for spontaneous decisions, forecasts and conditional

3. Will has its abbreviated form as it is: I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, she’ll

4. With going to abbreviate the form of the verb to be: I’m going to, you’re going to, he’s going to, she’s going to

5. They can be

5.1. Affirmative, negative, interrogative

5.1.1. Examples: We will help you. She will not (won't) play soccer. Will you study psychology?

5.1.2. Examples: I'm going to take a shower. She isn't going to travel. Are they going to eat hot dog?