Systems in Action (Class Examples)

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Systems in Action (Class Examples) by Mind Map: Systems in Action (Class Examples)

1. Types of Systems

1.1. Mechanical Systems

1.1.1. ex jackhammer Body Systems Optical Systems

2. Simple Machines

2.1. a device that requires a single force to work; made of only one or two parts.

2.1.1. ex. The inclined plain, The wedge, The screw, The lever, The wheel and axle, or The pulley. Fulcrum the pivot point of a lever

3. Forces

3.1. 4 fundamental forces in nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear force

3.1.1. Al forces have magnitude and direction Magnitude the quantity of force

4. Mechanical Advantage

4.1. the ratio of output force to input force for a given machine

4.1.1. Ideal Mechanical Advantage the mechanical advantage of a machine if all the input force is converted into output force; never possible in real-world applications Actual Mechanical Advantage

5. Work and Energy

5.1. Work

5.1.1. the result when a force moves an object a certain distance Energy the ability to apply a force to move an object a distance

6. Efficiency

6.1. Economic Efficiency (everyday usage)

6.1.1. the ability to do something well or achieve a desired output without wasting energy, effort, or materials. Mechanical Efficiency (Scientific Usage) the percentage of work input that is turned into useful work output