Mario Gil's Mindmap

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Mario Gil's Mindmap by Mind Map: Mario Gil's Mindmap

1. Future

1.1. University

1.1.1. University of British Columbia

1.1.2. Join Formula UBC team

1.1.3. Study everything related to cars including engineering, aerodynamics, etc

1.2. Job

1.2.1. Pro Race Car Driver

1.2.2. Race team owner/crew chief

1.2.3. Engineer or Mechanic for a race team

1.2.4. Be a driver or part of a race team basically

1.3. Hobbies

1.3.1. Racing cars and working on cars

1.3.2. Collecting cars

1.3.3. Playing sports

1.3.4. Learning about and using new technology

1.4. Retirement

1.4.1. Spend 4 months a year in Mexico or Palm Springs

1.4.2. Have a large collection of cars (old, new, common and rare)

1.4.3. Spend time with family

2. Present

2.1. School

2.1.1. Burnaby North Secondary School

2.1.2. Favourite classes: Power Mechanics and Socials

2.1.3. Least favourite classes: Science and English

2.1.4. Play on school basketball and rugby teams

2.2. Hobbies

2.2.1. Go Kart Racing

2.2.2. Video Games

2.2.3. Basketball

2.2.4. Watersports (wake boarding and wake surfing)

2.3. Pleasure

2.3.1. Boat trips

2.3.2. Camping

2.3.3. Travel to Mexico and California

2.3.4. Travel for go kart races

2.4. Family

2.4.1. Playing with the dog

2.4.2. Dinners with Mom, Dad, and sister

2.4.3. Enjoy spending time with Grandparents

2.4.4. Celebrate special occasions with uncles, aunts, and cousins

3. Past

3.1. Hobbies

3.1.1. Play with toy cars (hot wheels)

3.1.2. Watch car related movies (Fast and Furious)

3.1.3. Play Soccer

3.1.4. Race pedal cars in the backyard

3.2. Experiences

3.2.1. Travelled to Italy for the first time

3.2.2. Huge health problems form 5 to 8 years

3.2.3. Raced a go kart for the first time

3.2.4. Became and older brother

3.2.5. Travelled cross country for first national go kart race

3.3. character traits

3.3.1. Outgoing

3.3.2. Friendly

3.3.3. Calm

3.3.4. Careful

3.3.5. Thoughtful

3.4. School

3.4.1. 2 years at Parkcrest Preschool

3.4.2. Completed elementary school at Holy Cross Elementary

3.4.3. Played many different sports

3.4.4. Played clarinet in the elementary school band