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HR by Mind Map: HR

1. Compensation and benefits

1.1. Salary calculation

1.1.1. Checking attendance

1.1.2. Input data of OT

1.1.3. Close check with workers

1.1.4. Making payroll, payslip and control fingerprint data before 9th of each month

1.2. Other bonus and welfare

1.2.1. Controlling annual leaves status

1.2.2. Calculate bonus

1.2.3. Setting up policy of compensation and benefit based on updated law

1.3. Insurance

1.3.1. Controlling insurance data and upload on system before

1.3.2. Collecting sick leave and make payment for them

1.3.3. Open and close insurance book

2. Emloyee relation

2.1. Grievance Process

2.1.1. Controlling the grievance box

2.1.2. Reply to workers about their claims

2.2. Labor Union

2.2.1. Working with labor union monthly

3. Foreigner issue

3.1. Making visa

3.2. Work permit

3.2.1. Preparing document to make work permit Criminal record Health check document Career cert and appointment cert Picture Notarized document

3.3. Working visa/ Residence card

3.3.1. Issue working visa/residence card after work permit

3.3.2. Register residence at police station/ online

3.3.3. Extend/ retrieve visa/ residence card of foreigners

4. Canteen

4.1. Collect information and order the quantity of meal

4.2. Close check with supplier about the quality

4.3. Discuss with supplier about the improvement

5. Recruitment

5.1. Recruitment

5.1.1. Recruit based on Production line order

5.1.2. Following Recruitment policy to avoid forced labor, child labor and discrimination

5.1.3. Report the number of woker to IZ quaterly

5.1.4. Controlling workers Uniform (uniform and card)

5.2. Termination

5.2.1. Receive and control resignation letter from workers

5.2.2. Talking for finding out reason

5.2.3. Follow the process of termination for retrieve company properties

5.2.4. Working with C&B to pay all salary and allowances within 7 days

5.3. Worker profile

5.3.1. Controlling worker profile

5.3.2. Arrange worker profile for convenience during audit time

5.3.3. Input data on computer

5.3.4. Making labor contract, probation contract, termination decision

6. Dormitory and cleaning

6.1. Controling toilet hygiene

6.2. Manage foreigner dormitory